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Sears Kit Home

What is a Kit Home?

Prefabrication has been around since the turn of the 20th century, remember the Sears & Roebuck homes starting in 1908, they shipped the building components for ENTIRE homes in a Railroad boxcar to an owner in expanding America. Because of the huge catalogs by Sears and Montgomery Wards @ ~3 lbs. and 1700 pgs. both selling homes, these homes became known as ‘Mail Order’ or ‘Catalog’ and ‘Kit’ homes.

SIP Construction

What is System Building?

Construction of a building is complex and requires many parts and people. We don’t think about how something works until it doesn’t work. The building industry is slowly going through major changes caused by many socio-economic factors, including an aging population, retiring construction workers who are not being replaced, a population who does not want to work outside in often uncomfortable conditions, working with our hands is becoming a novelty (construction is not a keyboard), costs of site labor are increasing dramatically, cost of LTL (less than load) site delivered materials is more expensive than to deliver a full load of materials to a factory or jobsite.

Right Home Company - House
Press Release

Area Firm to Design & Supply Smaller, Efficient Homes

"What's old is new again" is not just another trite, cute and meaningless phrase around the Right Home Company, it is almost a mantra. By taking the classic designs from the early half of the 20th century, combining modern design standards and the latest building technologies, they have generated high-value homes for tomorrow.