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How historic designs are new homes for tomorrow

ANN ARBOR, MI, April 7, 2018– "What's old is new again" is not just another trite, cute and meaningless phrase around the Right Home Company, it is almost a mantra. By taking the classic designs from the early half of the 20th century, combining modern design standards and the latest building technologies, they have generated high-value homes for tomorrow. Many of us remember the ‘Sears & Roebuck' package homes from this era; they were the Arts & Crafts Designs we long for today. They were perfect for an expanding America, its new towns and subdivisions, and the trend for smaller families, all perfect for today's demanding lifestyles.

These historic homes of the future are sustainable, saving resources beyond energy and insulation. “By demonstrating the time and labor savings possible using SIPs [Structural Insulating Panels], we hope to encourage the construction of more durable, energy-efficient housing,” said Jack Armstrong, Leader BASF Construction Initiative.

Whether it is a historic Bungalow, Prairie Style, or a traditional 2 story Midwestern Farmhouse, these 1800 sf homes with their open plans allow for busy professionals, or for aging in place, or for empty nesters expecting many visits by their children. Today, we ask for everything on the 1st floor; master bedroom suite, open kitchen-living-dining, laudry, mud room, office space, and storage. These transformed plans easily meet today’s lifestyle. Additional bedrooms, loft, and bathroom on the 2nd level.

With ‘neighborhoods’ in mind, these designs fit perfectly into these new, often suburban, communities with their narrower lots and large common areas and a neighborly pedestrian life. Many towns and cities are re-using once industrial areas to become ‘pocket neighborhoods’ which are perfect for these classic home designs.

With a little common sense and good design, Right Home Co. has the very best of both worlds. The company also fully understands that by using the latest construction materials, these homes can save a great deal of energy and construction time. And saving energy and time means saving a lot of money. As Bill Wachtler, SIPA executive director states; "It is impossible to ignore the cost-effectiveness of Structural Insulating Panels.”

More effective use of space, engineered construction materials, and ‘system building' all contribute to a large reduction in the use of natural resources required to build the Right Home. Put another way, building smaller and smarter saves a truck tanker of fuel.

The Right Home Company supplies superbly designed smaller home shell packages. Our classic homes are right-sized, up to 1800 square feet, highly energy efficient and smart for today’s lifestyles. E-mail: Website:
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