Our Process

House Kits

  1. Know what you want.
    1. Commit to a style and to a building philosophy such as sustainability, energy efficiency, simplicity or high tech, passive or active strategies, and so on.
  2. Determine how much you want to spend.
    1. Pre-qualify your ability to afford what you want to spend
    2. Research your total budget including land and all construction components 
    3. Find out what a new home costs in the area– ask realtors, material suppliers, tradesmen, designers, or the local Home Builders Association.
  3. Select one of our house plans.
    1. Get some input from friends in the business, go to a lumber yard and ask them, or go to the local Home Builders Association, you will be surprised how much information can be gleaned from these conversations. 
    2. If you haven't built a home before, we recommend you attend a local seminar, go to home shows, buy a 'how to build a home' book or even take a building class online or at a local community college. 
    3. Don't see a house plan that you want? Don't worry, we do custom designs too. We create custom designs for your preferred square footage and style. 
  4. Call or email us to set up an initial meeting.
    1. The Right Home Company design and building system is the best of all worlds, offering classic style with a contemporary interior design that accounts for 'aging in place' and open floor plans with extremely energy efficient and sustainable low maintenance homes.
  5. Confirm that our home fits your site & budget.
    1. This is where one of our services may be helpful; if you get us your survey and address or GPS info, we can help evaluate your site and supply a basic site plan for an agreed fee. 
    2. Another one of our unique abilities is to offer a 3rd party independent analytical construction estimating to help establish a realistic building budget.
    3. We will help you explore the zoning, building codes, and covenants in your area.
  6. We will enter into our Design & Purchase Agreement.
    1. Once all preliminary information is confirmed and agreed, we will enter into our Design and Purchase Agreement.
    2. There are 3 design phases; 1st is the preliminary or Study Set of design documents, 2nd is the Design Development (DD) phase which allows builder and banks to ‘appraise’ the project to price it and finance it, finally 3rd phase is Construction Documents (CD) that are used for permits, construction, and everything else.
  7. Financing often takes longer than expected, up to 10 weeks.
    1. Need a design to complete financing
    2. Need to spend money on a design
    3. Need to schedule the overall program
    4. Need a more defined budget to help with the builder’s budget
    5. Need a more defined budget to help the financial institution finalize the loan
    6. Both are completed with a DD level of design which we provide with the small down payment on the DESIGN and PURCHASE AGREEMENT
    7. Our agreement is phased so that you are only spending money as the steps get closer to the final commitment to build a home.
  8. Finalize your choice of builder, owner-builder, and building component options.
    1. We have recommended builders whom we have worked with in many areas of the United States. We can help you find your builder. 
    2. If you are an owner builder or an owner contractor we have more than 30 years experience in helping you manage your building process to a successful end. Read more about owner-builders
    3. Building and design options: what foundation would you like? Garage? You are entitled to a few interior, non-structural design considerations for your finalized plans. 
  9. It takes about 12 - 16 weeks to modify your design & receive the shell materials.
    1. You should not order materials until you finalize financing resulting from the DD phase of our agreement.
    2. We offer a small down payment that provides documentation to complete financing
    3. During this time, the final construction costs and schedule, as well as the time it takes to obtain a building permit, are established.
    4. Then we schedule fabrication to coordinate with the construction schedule.
    5. We produce the final construction document drawings, order the lockable shell package, and schedule delivery.
  10. The Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs) and rough framing arrives ready to assemble.
    1. The site should be backfilled and the first floor in place upon delivery. 
    2. Windows and doors will typically arrive a week later.
    3. Builder installs the SIPs and balance of framing and windows and door.
  11. After the shell is installed, the builder completes the home.
    1. You move in and celebrate a job well done. 

Structural Insulated Panel

What's Included in a 'Lockable Shell Package'?

While the house kit has options, generally it includes: 

House Plan Design Documents: 

  1. Complete set of 1/4" scale construction drawings including; 
  2. Foundation, floor plans, elevations, sections, and details
  3. Window and door schedules
  4. Installation manuals

Home Enclosure (aka the Structural Insulating Panels (SIP) envelope):

  1. Walls and roofs - pre-cut ready-to-assemble, Xtreme brand Structural Insulating Panels (SIP)

Rough Framing: 

  1. Floor framing, interior partitions, rough stairs
  2. Porch framing and columns with non-masonry base and specialty caps
  3. 4 x 4 timber roof brackets as designed

Exterior windows and doors: 

  1. Jeld Wen or equal (o.e.) brand vinyl-clad, high-performance windows, and doors
  2. Therma-Tru entry doors 


  1. Site-Advisor- a technical advisor on site for a period of days to make sure the installation is properly managed.
  2. Shipping of the house kit materials to the client's construction site.

For more details: What's Included in a House Kit? 

Custom Designs with Right Home Company

Our experienced home designers will work with you to create your dream home that's right-sized and smart. Like bringing a camera lens into focus, a good project starts with the rough ideas that gradually become clear as the design is refined and developed.  We begin with hand sketches and rough 3D computer models which progress through 2D CAD layouts and more detailed models, ending up with the technical details that allow for estimates and construction.  Your custom home will use our high-performance Structural Insulated Panel (SIP) shell system that is energy efficient and near zero on-site waste during construction. Our agreement includes design and project management to help you along the way to building your perfect home; the Right Home Company is here to help.