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The Right Home Company is founded by experts in home building since the 1970s, our mission is to supply turn of the 20th-century, smaller, classic styles that are superbly planned to meet today’s lifestyles – bigger living in smaller spaces. Through our innovative systems design, project management and dedicated suppliers, you get a high performance, energy efficient home that is right-sized, secure and smart.


Stewart Elliott, after many years restoring 18th century New England homes, began workshops and writing about building these homes. He then moved into his architect father’s footsteps and his love for Prairie and the Arts & Crafts movement. Stewart grew up in a classic Prairie style home. Combine these experiences with most of his professional years in the timber and SIP home design/build industry, and you end up with the Right Home Company. Stewart believes that smaller smarter homes of historic designs built with SIPs will provide a superb high value home for today’s lifestyle.

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Mike Bowman, a past Director of operations for one of the world’s largest auto parts manufacturing companies and entrepreneur who built his first SIP enclosed home in the mid ‘80s. He started his own development company and has been building in his off time ever since; a perfect lead into the Right Home Company. Mike is on local economic development Boards and has worked on and helped manage many national and international housing and emergency relief efforts. With Mike’s uncanny eye for process, our goals of risk free, safe, and reliable product for our customers will be achieved.

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Lon Cooke is a graduate of the US Naval Academy. He held general management positions with three, leading, national home-building companies and was plant manager for one of the largest home building component manufacturing plants in the US. He designed and built his current “Bucket List” home using many of the processes, materials and manufacturing methods used by the Right Home Company. Lon firmly believes we have a better way to provide timeless designs and cost-effective buildings for today’s homeowners.

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Kyle J Marsh, Designer at KJM Design Studio, has been designing houses in the Ann Arbor area since he moved back from San Francisco, almost seven years ago. Before that, he worked for an Architect and Custom Builder in the SF Bay Area, and upon returning to Dexter worked for Bona and Kolb Architects + Builders in Dexter. In 2012 Kyle started his firm, KJM Design Studio. Since then, he has seen the scale and scope of his projects grow to include everything from small additions and remodels to entire estate plans. Kyle excels at helping determine, both functionally and aesthetically, the direction of the residential design project. In 2017, Kyle joined the Right Home Company as the Lead Home Designer. 

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