Become a Project Partner


Become a Licensed and Certified Builder of Right Home Co. Home Kits and Complete Homes

At Right Home Company, we design and provide project management services for smaller, classically designed, turn of the 20th-century styles such as Arts & Crafts, Bungalow, Prairie, and Craftsman designs, energy efficient, sustainable new homes through a network of certified, approved and qualified builders. 

We license and certify builders, our project partners, to build Right Home Company house designs. 

Right Home Company project partners fall into three subdivisions and a separate owner-builder category:

1. Preferred Builder, 2. Certified Builder, 3. Independent Builder

Project Partner Benefit Comparison Chart
Benefits and Expectations Independent Builder Preferred Builder Certified Builder
Right Home Co brings qualified buyer to project partner
RHC manages sale of design and construction for project partner
Customer references required
Fees paid
Fees earned
Project discounts available
Experience installation SIPs  
Common financial and legal records required  
Professional References Required  
Certificate & affidavit of success    
SIP training within 2 years    
Protected territory    
Leads from RHC    
Your logo linked on RHC website    
Co-op marketing funds available    

Become an Owner-Builder Project Partner

With Right Home Company, our Owner-Builder Project Partners get design, budgeting, and scheduling support and coordination through our combined project management services.  Collectively, we specialize in smaller, classically designed, turn of the 20th century styles such as Bungalows, Arts & Crafts, Prairie, and Craftsman designs, energy efficient, sustainable new homes. 

Through a network of professional, experienced Project Partners, dedicated suppliers, and Right Home's experience with designing and building high performance homes, we can coordinate the products and services owners need to build their own home successfully. 

As an Owner-Builder Project Partner, you effectively become Project Manager, you act as primary advisor to the owner, who is the General Contractor. The industry often interchanges the term Construction Manager (CM) and Project Manager (PM). The Owner-Builder Project Partner's role as PM includes providing design and construction advice on the owner's behalf to the design professionals, to the group of constructors and trades and suppliers, and other advice as necessary for overall planning, budgeting and coordination of a project from inception to a given stage or completion. 

Right Home has a unique financial formula for such an arrangement between a builder and the Owner-Builder general contractor. 

Contact us if you want to become a project partner.

Custom Designs with Right Home Company

Our experienced home designers will work with you to create your dream home that's right-sized and smart. Like bringing a camera lens into focus, a good project starts with the rough ideas that gradually become clear as the design is refined and developed.  We begin with hand sketches and rough 3D computer models which progress through 2D CAD layouts and more detailed models, ending up with the technical details that allow for estimates and construction.  Your custom home will use our high-performance Structural Insulated Panel (SIP) shell system that is energy efficient and near zero on-site waste during construction. Our agreement includes design and project management to help you along the way to building your perfect home; the Right Home Company is here to help.

Building with SIPs the Right Way

Our Structured Insulated Panels are made by our dedicated supplier, Extreme Panel Technologies, Inc. A reliable source, Extreme Panel Technologies has been manufacturing SIP panels since 1992 out of their family-owned business in Cottonwood, Minnesota.