Become a Project Partner

Please join us as a Recognized Builder Project Partner or as a Project Manager to our clients, or as a Consulting Sales Partner

You will be an irreplaceable team member supporting the building and sales of Right Home Company advanced system designed homes including working with owner builders in a project management role. 

At Right Home, we design and provide sales management services for smaller, classically designed, turn of the 20th Century styles including Arts & Crafts, Bungalow, and Craftsman designs. Through our network of dedicated suppliers, our client's home will be super energy efficient, built on time and on budget. 

There are three different types of Project Partner opportunities: 

  1. An experienced and vetted builder (GC); you become the builder for our clients earning your normal OHP, receiving discounts from our dedicated suppliers, and cooperative marketing efforts by Right Home and yourselves
  2. A Project Manager (PM) via your skill as a general contractor, to work with Owner Builders earning a fee and recognition in the unique advanced system building process
  3. A Consultant to support Right Home's clients through the complex maze of design-build processes including; design, qualifying, budgeting, financing, and scheduling phases

The following Project Partner Chart helps outline the benefits:

Project Partner Benefits
Benefits and Expectations Recognized Builder Recognized Project Manager Consultant
Right Home Co. brings client to project partner  
Project Partner Co. brings client to Right Home    
Right Home Co. managed sale for project partner  
Customer and work references required
Fees paid to Right Home Co.  
Fees earned    
Dedicated supplier discounts available    
Experience installation SIPs  
Common financial and legal records required
Leads from Right Home Co. provided
Protected market area  
Your logo linked on Right Home Co. website

Right Home Supports Owner-Builder Projects

We will help guide our clients through the complex maze of design-build processes including; design, qualifying, budgeting, financing, and scheduling phases. Our design-build approach offers money saving pre-designed homes as well as custom home design that are inspired by our clients. Our advanced system built designs save on site construction time, substantially reduce waste, and provide a higher quality building.

Through a network of professional, experienced Project Partners, dedicated suppliers, and Right Home’s advanced system building experience we can coordinate the products and services owner-builders need for a successful outcome. Owner-builders may choose to become the general contractor and accept all the responsibilities that accompany that role.

Owner-builders may also work with one of our Builder Partners who can supply a Construction Manager service. After all; a general contractor (GC) is a construction manager (CM). CMs offer construction advice on the owner’s behalf to the construction team of trades and suppliers as well as other advice when necessary for the overall planning, budgeting and coordination of a building project.

Building with System Pre-fabrication the Right Way

Our dedicated suppliers and partners include:

Advanced building system designers and engineers

Pre-cast, pre-fabricated foundations

Structural Insulating Panels (SIPs) for walls and roofs, optional floors

A large lumber consortium bringing an organized logistical delivery of building materials to the jobsite, as well as supplying pre-assembled building components such as trusses, floor systems, millwork, cabinetry, panelized siding, and more. 

Dedicated partners giving us access to specialized interior finishes such as pre-finished paneling, flooring, cabinetry, and millwork. 

Right Home makes it easy for our Project Partners to transition into building with our pre-fabricated system designed homes. 

  • Right Home provides the most detailed construction drawing documents in the business.
  • Our dedicated suppliers provide the most detailed show drawing and engineering documents in the industry. 
  • We offer onsite technical advisors.
  • After the first project, you will have the experience and drive you need to repeat that success - it's that simple and you have our support all the way. 
  • Use our website to advance system building to your future Right Home clients.

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Building with SIPs the Right Way

Our Structured Insulated Panels are made by our dedicated supplier, Extreme Panel Technologies, Inc. A reliable source, Extreme Panel Technologies has been manufacturing SIP panels since 1992 out of their family-owned business in Cottonwood, Minnesota.