Who We Are

Kyle J Marsh

What about Me?

I grew up in a town that started off as farm fields, and slowly but surely was turned into subdivisions and strip-malls. Even as a child I knew there was something upsetting about this, and I think from a young age I wanted to do what I could to push back against it. 

Later I realized that I don’t have to push-back at all -  people seem to prefer an alternative and increasingly we see homes in older, originally platted parts of town receiving a price premium in the market. They also account for most of the remodel and additional work that goes on and more and more are becoming places where new homes are being built on long-vacant lots. To become part of this, I simply needed to train myself to be able to provide a useful service.  

So I worked, and I studied. Specifically, home design and traditional neighborhood design. Pouring over books like a Pattern Language, Wright’s Usonian, The Not So Big House and Get Your House Right books. Through study, practice, and continual improvement I’ve achieved a level of competence in the field of home design that many find rare and appreciated. 

The bulk of my business is now spent designing custom homes and remodels of homes in traditional neighborhoods and Historic Districts. The Right Home Company has offered me a unique experience to start from scratch on a collection of well-considered, finely detailed, well proportioned, efficient, modern homes based on traditional American patterns, that would be right at home on any neighborhood street. 

I was so excited for the opportunity to create a collection of houses like I’ve long advocated for - homes that would fit right in on any original street in town, meeting the tight lot and street frontage requirements that would make them a good neighbor; homes which are also based around our new conception of interior space, with modern kitchens and well-considered layouts;  homes which use the best available technology to help bring these layouts to life.

I’m proud to be working with such a great company whose dedication to craft and craftsmanship exceeds even my own. I’m thankful that they’ve given me the opportunity, the feedback, and the support to develop this collection of homes. I hope you'll love each one as much as I do.

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