Build with Right Home Company

Structural Insulated Panels Building

Building using Right Home Company system designs are better for all the right reasons.

Thoughtful system-built Right Homes are 'faster, better, cheaper, safer ,and sustainable'

We are not designing modular or mobile homes

We are designing long-lasting homes using advanced building system technologies

  1. Advanced building technologies result in tighter, healthier, and energy efficient homes that have fewer pollutants, reduced site construction time, and less infiltration meaning less energy loss, all are money in your pocket.
  2. The 'devil's in the details' which are easily managed in a pre-fabrication factory environment giving our customers a huge quality advantage over site built homes.
  3. Home components that are pre-fabricated in the controlled environment of a factory or plant are not subject to the whims of mother nature's weather resulting in higher quality building parts that are straight, square, and dry.
  4. The controlled environment of a factory or plant means better and safer working conditions, less loss of time, and better management of labor and materials resulting in a higher quality product. 
  5. The machinery that produces advanced building components does not need to take breaks or eat or sleep or go to emergency care.
  6. The end product delivered for onsite construction have very high dimensional accuracy and are Ready to Assemble (RTA) meaning few workers in less time on a safer jobsite which has many savings.
  7. Pre-fabricated building components highly reduce on site waste meaning you or your builder make fewer trips to the dump saving landfills, time and money with the by product of a cleaner safer worksite.
  8. There are fewer pieces to install - 2x6 assemblies for that site built 2150 sf of wall would be some 1,200 pieces and the gazillion nails to secure the lumber pieces, many of which are not properly placed vs. 30 SIP panels and 170 misc. lumber pieces!!!