Who We Are

Alan Anderson

Alan Anderson has been involved in the construction industry ever since he was a small child. When Alan was three years old, his father built their family home in Dexter, Michigan. His mother affectionately retells that he helped wherever he could - picking up scrap lumber, making sailboats from it, and draining the cooler because he enjoyed watching the water run out of the spout. He also learned to swing a hammer; although his efforts didn’t progress the project, his heart was on the site, and he couldn’t wait to return.

After high school, he joined the United States Marine Corps and served alongside his unit, Weapons Company 1/24, in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom.

He began his career with a local builder specializing in trim carpentry. He loves the detail and forethought that goes into trim work. The complexity of the advanced planning needed to achieve the desired finish detail, and the layers underneath the trim that must be perfect for the desired outcome thrills him.

In 2007, Alan started his own company, Ecosmart Construction, where he committed to running an environmentally-conscious construction company. He wanted to reduce waste that was so prevalent in the construction industry and find a better way to build and renovate homes. His passion for the study of building science further supported his belief about the importance of focusing on a well-insulated, air-tight building envelope to achieve the healthiest, most comfortable, and most inexpensive homes to live in.

Alan utilizes his outside-the-box problem-solving skills when collaborating with other professionals and trades to develop the best solution for his Client's needs. He accomplishes this by considering all the home systems involved and how they work together. His passion lies in creating a functional and efficient home while respecting the Architect’s design intent.

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