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Designing with the Right Home Company is better for all the right reasons

Thoughtful system designed Right Homes live larger in a smaller space

This is where LESS IS MORE

'Less is more' is becoming the smart approach today. This is easily accomplished by combining the right technologies and great design. More natural light means less floor space. Higher ceilings make less floor space feel larger. Open floor plans such as a great-room that encompasses your kitchen, living room, and dining room feels much larger than 3 separate rooms.

We provide you with timeless designs that are never trendy. Our pre-designed plans join precision pre-manufacturing and traditional craftmanship details with today’s use of space delivering you an exceptional custom home. As a result, you will spend less time remodeling or redecorating because they are never out of date or out of fashion.

Properly planned smaller spaces ‘live much larger’ proving less is more and smaller homes cost less to build in most cases. This is emphasized by such renowned authors/architects as Sarah Susanka (her not so big book series), Ross Chapin (pocket communities and smaller designs), and countless others.

There are endless off the shelf appliances, fixtures, and home systems that are available to maximize useful space matching the way we live today. For example, wall hung furnaces that are less than 1’ thick, TVs are inches thick and hang on walls, not feet thick set on a sideboard, smaller appliances do just as much refrigerating, cooking and washing as the old bigger versions, and thinner high R-value walls and roofs that allow smaller footprints and higher useful home volume. Smaller footprints mean using less land. The list goes on.

Less costs of ownership • More performance • Less construction time • More healthier lives • Less environmental concerns • More design flexibility • Less steps in construction • More Strength • Less noise and quieter • More positive cash flow

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