We Design & Supply a 12’ x 32’ Backyard Retreat

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Out Buildings and in-fill urban lots

Also known as Accessory Dwelling Units (ADU), in-law flats, mother-in-law suite, freestanding structures, guest cottage, personal office, and studios are an additional building typically built in the backyard. They are detached, self-sufficient, and range in size from 300 sf to 1,000 sf.

Many cities and town are changing their zoning from a single home per lot to include these additional structures. This makes much better use of land. These buildings can be an Airbnb, student rental, family guest and much more. THE NEW URBANISM

Right Home Co. brings its unique design and building abilities to this high growth market. Our experience goes back to multi use structures we supplied more than 10 yrs ago. These were considered ‘roll off’ buildings meaning they could either stay on a mobile platform (trailer) or set onto a permanent foundation.

We then turned this approach to a Ready To Assemble building for a family’s backyard.

While still under construction, this one will be ‘off the grid’ and self-sufficient. Strategies such as Photo Voltaics (PV) to generate electricity, batteries to store energy, composting toilet, gravity fed water system using a higher storage tank and very efficient plumbing fixtures, and very efficient mini-split heating and cooling system. All of this is inside a very high performance Structural Insulating Panel (SIP) shell including the floor.

The SIP shell has wire chases to easily locate outlets and switches.

The interior layer of OSB allows any interior finish including simply sealing and painting the rugged material.

A simple trench rubble foundation with grade beam foundation to a weather proof building in 4 days!

An RTA building system also highly reduces waste since they arrive and simply have to be put together according to plan and specifications.

Like the highly insulated YETI® coolers (carriers, containers), the use of Structural Insulating Panels for the construction of the ‘envelope’ (enclosure, floors, walls and roof) of these homes can easily and immediately generate a ‘positive cash flow’ through their huge energy savings. It's simple, the reduced energy costs offset some of the mortgage costs.

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