Project Update: They've Moved In!

It was a long haul with a 3 month hiatus for the Covid 19 pandemic. We all have moved a time or two in our lives and the ‘move in’ reality means we are camping out in our new home… these owners are more organized than the average homeowner.

It exceeds all expectations with space for everything and everything in a space with walls that are yearning to hold a picture, a shelf, and a memory.

The grass will grow, the bushes will bloom, and the large stone retaining wall they personally built will settle and look a hundred years old soon.

An exciting outcome is that this home has been accepted as a unique example of our prairie style craftsman right sized ranch on Ann Arbor’s SHOWCASE of home VIRTURAL TOUR on October 16 – 18. Follow this exciting tour on ;we will be presenting a virtual meeting on Saturday, October 17th at noon – 100p, please join us.

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