Who We Are

Mike Bowman

As an adult now working in a high-tech manufacturing business, it only seemed natural to Mike that he should build his own first home rather than purchasing it. During the mid-80s some of us remember the high interest rates and unemployment. Mike and his wife were able to leverage their existing knowledge, resources and determination to do what many said was not feasible at that time; build a new home! It became a passion and with pride and perseverance, they managed the construction processes and moved into their first new home.

In the early 1980s when Mike was in his 30s raising a family, they built this dream home, a centuries old timber framed Saltbox style. To enclose his home, he chose a leading-edge technology at that time; Structural Insulating Panels (SIPs). This fulfilled his childhood inspiration of old timber frame barns with an added advantage of time savings and superb energy saving qualities.

Mike has been fascinated with home style and construction since he was ten years old and could help his dad build their family home. The site for their house had no well or city water so they carried milk cans filled with water to hand mix mortar for the basement concrete block walls. Having no electricity either, he learned to hand saw the cutting of lumber to frame their home, but he was not strong enough to hammer all the nails or lift the heavy materials. Being young, he helped where he could and other times he would listen to his great uncles talk about their experiences as young children working with their elders building timber frame barns in the area. He would drive to some of those very same barns and marvel how well these barns had lasted.

He now chokes up whenever he sees, hears or smells the activities during new home construction. So much so, recently when an unusual opportunity to repurchase his first SIP enclosed Saltbox, he jumped on it. Mike had completed a small development and several homes during that time.

The development and application of the 80 yr. old SIP technology since Mike’s first use forty years ago has opened new options for home design, construction management and operational efficiency. He is excited about sharing his experiences and options to build customer’s dream homes.

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