What’s included in a house kit?

Home Design: When you sign up for our shell package, one round of minor design changes within the envelope that are limited to interior space, without moving stairs, or structural supporting walls. Altering the foundation design and adding a detached 24'x 24' – 2 car garage are also included.

Site: We will happily review your building site using your survey and topographical documents. Tell us about the weather, views, main access road, local codes, zoning (setbacks) and utilities. We will review the information, make suggestions and, if needed or desired, propose a cost to produce your site plan.

“Lockable Shell Package” means when your package is installed on your foundation, it is ‘lockable’ and secure. It includes: An envelope of Structural Insulating Panel (SIP) walls and roof with appropriate building wrap and breathable underlayment • High performance vinyl windows and insulated entry doors • Engineered floor systems, prefabricated interior partitions and main level stairs • A Builder’s set of construction drawings with options as agreed • Delivery of materials to your job site.

The Process: Choose CLASSIC design from our inspired catalogue • Confirm design meets intended location, local codes, budgets and schedule • Make desired design changes • Complete financing • Choose builder • Schedule construction

A General Schedule: We need 8 to 10 weeks from placing the order to deliver your lockable shell • You should allow minimum of 4 weeks from breaking ground to completion of your foundation in preparation for your LOCKABLE SHELL • Average construction time on site for a turn key project is 7 to 9 months.

Construction Budget: We offer you and use a very sophisticated construction cost estimating tool. Combined with our network and experience, these estimates are a very reliable budgeting tool. Personal choice and your site will make a cost difference.

Please refer to our summarized guideline assumptions following;
Includes; Home built in a northern 6500 DDH climate, excavation, full basement, backfilled and balanced site. Exterior; our SHELL, siding & trim of fiber-cement materials, 45 yr. asphalt shingles high performance windows and doors. Interior; stone counter tops, solid wood cabinetry and millwork, wood floors ceramic tile walls and floors in wet areas, painted gypsum walls, ceilings and trim, solid core interior doors, high efficiency mechanical systems with allowances for fixtures. Budgeted separately are land site access, utilities, landscaping, patios, and out buildings.